Co-founders and Designers Marco Diaz and Armando Flores established SoCal Custom Classics in the summer of 2010, with the intention of making a name in custom upholstery and restoration. Marco started out working for Upland Auto Trim as an apprentice and in 4 years time he and his brother are pushing the limitations of standard upholstery practices.

    They have started reupholstering non-traditional products, “Name anything and I can upholster it!” that’s the attitude at SoCal Custom Classics. They approach every job with care and take pride in their work. They have upholstered everything from classic automobiles to musical instruments like custom keyboards and guitar amplifiers.

    The shop is located on a huge 2-acre property with a secured gate and garage for housing vehicles. The shop building is a 2,000 sq. ft. building located right off of the 15 Frwy near California State University of San Bernardino. Armando is getting a B.S. in Set and Exhibit Design and Marco is graduating this spring with a Degree in Mechanical Engineering. With their individual talents they plan on one day opening up a full custom shop that will include a full service automotive mechanic shop. SoCal Custom Classics is steadily rising through innovative high quality designs and will soon be revered as one of the premier custom shops in southern California.


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